Mr. Kanitz - Artistic Director


Mr Kanitz

Born in Illmersdorf, Germany, Thomas Kanitz began serious musical studies at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik, Berlin in 1961. After three semester of studying under Professor Mirko Dorner, he went on to study under Takis Ktenveas.  Within this time, he founded the Reger String Quartet which went on to have successful concert tours in Germany, other European countries, North America, the Near East and South East Asia.

Other achievements of Mr. Kanitz in his long Illustrious musical career include founding the Mendelssohn Trio, Hamburg, serving as the principal cellist in both the Symphonisches Orchester Berlin (Berlin Symphony Orchestra) and the Rheinisches Kammerorchester as well as performing many solo concerts all over Europe.  He has recorded for nearly all the German radio companies and the American television company NBC with the Reger Quartet and Vox recording company. He has recorded the complete works of Max Reger for String Quartet and works of outstanding Russian composers.  He supported various contemporary composers of music for the violoncello, such as Maxwell Davis and John Casken, by premiering their works. Mr. Kanitz has been a music instructor at the Schiller College, Berlin; Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik, Cologne; Delhi School of Music, India; State University of Rhode Island, U.S.A. and the International Summer Festival in Vancouver, Canada.  

We are very proud to add MUSON School of Music, Lagos, Nigeria to this prestigious list.  He arrived in Nigeria in April, 2011 with his wife, Christine, a professional architect, to take up the post of Artistic Director as well as instructor of lower strings, conducting and chamber music in the MUSON School.  He is also conductor and Music Director of the MUSON Symphony Orchestra.