Diploma School

The Diploma course is a full time 2 year course offering advanced training in music with the following majors: piano, organ, violin, viola, cello double bass, flute clarinet saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion, classical guitar and voice. 

Students are also required to take 2 terms of any minor instrument. All voice students must pass grade 2 piano, instrumentalists must pass vocal techniques and all students must belong to the choir. Orchestra course is required for all string majors. All wind and percussion majors must belong to the band. Others who may not be majors are welcome to audition for the orchestra and band.

MUSON’s goal is to produce well rounded, thoroughly educated musicians who would qualify for direct entry as transfer students into a university to fulfill the remaining requirements for an undergraduate music degree. MUSON strives to produce graduates comparable to those found in a conservatoire and has patterned its syllabus on those standards.