School of Music

In order to meet its objective of educating children in the performance and theory of music, the Society started a music school in 1989 as an institution to train school aged children and members of the general public interested in learning how to play a musical instrument. The school ran on a part time basis with part time staff drawn from local universities and schools.

The school was granted permission from the ministry of Education in 2002 to award Diploma in Music. The Diploma Department is full time post secondary institution, which started September 2006 with twenty one students. The requirements for entry into this course are similar to those for university entrance with the addition of music theory and performance which are assessed in a rigorous interview and audition.

The course is performance based, so each student is required to perform both in chamber music ensembles and solo recitals.  In recognition of the high standards of MUSON students, MTN Foundation has granted each of them full tuition and book scholarships in addition to a 6 day travel allowance for each student.

At present, the MUSON school of Music is in two sections, the Basic section and the Diploma section.


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