MUSON opens year with Magic Flute

MUSON opens year with Magic Flute

February 15, 2013 


Classical music season will open at the MUSON Centre, Lagos with a concert titled Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The opera was first staged last October during the MUSON Festival 2012.

 The opera will feature the MUSON Symphony Orchestra and the MUSON Choir conducted by MUSON Artistic Director, Thomas Kanitz. This encore performance, driven by what MUSON management describes as ‘a huge public demand’, will be the second time the opera is being performed anywhere in West Africa.

“The Magic Flute is a story of love, the intrigues around love and the competition for the hand of a damsel.  It is performed in a captivating and elegant style by some of Nigeria’s leading classical singers,” the management notes in a statement.

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